About Me

I was born in Delhi, studied in Delhi, Dehu Road, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata and began working in Kolkata. My first workplaces were All India Radio and the National Television, Doordarshan. After working with Corporates in positions of managerial responsibility (with Tata Group, ITC, Dunlop and the Times Group), I moved from the ‘world of decisions’ to what some may see as the ‘world of conclusions’ in my academic vocation as a Professor with IIM Calcutta (preceded by teaching at IIM Bangalore and succeeded by a longer period at IIM Ahmedabad). I consider it an honor to have also served as as Secretary to the Government of India later. There were periods of working abroad with international institutions (ADB Manila, European Commission, Brussels, UNDP, ILO Geneva etc.) and as Visiting Professor at K.U. Leuven, Belgium, University of Bielefeld and Fresenius University, Cologne (Germany) Universities of Cornell and California at Berkeley(USA), Universities of Tampere, Turku and the Helsinki School of Economics (Aalto University) in Finland and as EU-Tempus Professor of European Integration and Internationalisation at Comenius University and the University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.

My education in economics and behavioural sciences first attracted me to human resource management, industrial relations and labour law. There, I developed an interest in understanding labour market flexibility, unconscious dynamics of groups, group relations, negotiations and countervailing power. The multi-disciplinary nature of my interests led me to strategy, international business, and international economic relations. My interest in process work, system psychodynamics, and political economy have since come together in many ways.

My interests are yoga, chess, cricket and tennis. I was a competitive chess player at the international level with an ELO rating. But at that time, in India, chess could not be pursued as a profession and my interest was too serious to remain a hobby. I still play chess for fun. I dont get to play cricket and tennis anymore.