Dr. Ajeet Mathur

Completed Research

2022     European Trauma
2022     Behavioral Foundations of Economics
2021     Understanding Re-Internationalisation processes
2020     Strategies for solving wicked problems of true uncertainty: Tackling problems like Covid-19
2020     Religious influences in consumer behaviour
2020     The Constitutional Law of Nepal
2019     Failures of Indian Investments Abroad
2019     Countervailing Power for Civil Obligations of the State in a Constitution
2019     Containment and Spillovers of Organisational Toxicity
2019     Finland-India Business Opportunities
2018     Wicked Problems in Digitisation of Learning Modalities
2018     Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organisational Knowledge
2018     Distinguishing Revelation Politics from Salvation Theology in the Bhagavad Gita’s Message for Leaders and Managers
2017     Re-internationalisation of Indian businesses
2017     Livelihood of Women Artisans in Rural Labour Markets of Gujarat
2016     Strategy-as-practice in Indian Family Businesses
2016     Spirituality in Management
2016     Is ‘Make in India’ constrained by Labour Market Regulations?
2015     Investment Risk and Country Risk in Togo
2015     Frontiers of faith in Yoga and Psychoanalysis
2014     Platformation: the next frontier for IT Enabled Product Services Linkages
2013     Succession in family businesses
2012     Distinguishing the good, the bad and the ugly in management processes using the Nine Basic Assumptions of Group Relations
2012     The Indian Experience of experiential learning from the protohistoric period to the present times
2011     Paradoxes of Globalisation
2010     Missing Markets of International Business in Rural Habitats
2009     Co-evolution of Capabilities in an Indo-Finnish Collaboration
2008     The Future of Work and Its Markets
2004     Missing Markets in World Trade: The Case for Sui Generis Protection of  Traditional Knowledge
2003     Communities at Risk
2002     Indo-French Economic Relations
2001     The Role of Information Technology in Designs of Healthcare Trade
2000     What knowledge is of Most Worth?
1999     Civil Obligations of the State: the missing element in the human rights discourse at the European Court of Human Rights
1998     Finland-India Economic Relations: A twinning study of trade and investment potential
1996     The role of institutions in complex humanitarian emergencies
1995     Labour Market Flexibility: Holy Grail or Banquo’s Ghost?
1994     The Future of Work and the Improbability of Full Employment
1994     The Future of Trade Unions
1993     Industrial Restructuring and the National Renewal Fund in India
1993     Labour Institutions and Economic Development
1992     Economic Restructuring and Tax Reforms
1991     Industrial Restructuring and Union Power
1989     Contractual, Legal and Customary Regulations on Hiring and Firing in Indian Manufacturing Industry
1983     Dynamics of Wage Determination of Industrial Employees in India
1977     Irrigation Pricing in West Bengal
1976     District Planning of Nadia District in West Bengal
Dr. Ajeet Mathur