Other Activities

My sports in the past have been cricket, tennis, ridng and rifle-shooting. My interests are yoga and chess.  I was a competitive chess player at the international level with an ELO rating. But at that time, in India, chess could not be pursued as a profession and my interest was too serious to remain a hobby. I still play chess for fun.

I am trying to understand how self-governing local communities may function as inter-generational continuities with sustainable well-being and livelihoods. My recent voluntary pro bono work comprises:

(a) action research studies on facilitating livelihoods of rural artisanal women in five districts of Gujarat to explore the feasibility of Sewa Founder Ela Bhatt’s notion of ‘anubandh’ .

(b) longitudinal action research for well-being  of orphans of the 2002 Bhuj earthquake in Kutch District towards self-reliant autonomy as young adults.

(c) water harvesting and water policies together with Tarun Bharat Sangh, Rajasthan.

(d) exploring the feasibility of creating a new kind of learning community  in Jodhpur.