Dr. Ajeet Mathur

Speaking Engagements

  1. UN Charter Day Lecture 26 June 2019 ‘Dwelling in possibilities:UN’s role in designing responses to planet-wide risks’
  2. United Nations Academic Initiative (UNAI) Keynote Address on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary Conference of UNAI at Chandigarh University 18 November 2019 ‘Dwelling in Possibilities:the lengthening shadows of 2020’ (sequel to UN Charter Day Lecture 26 June 2019)
  3. Book Talk ‘Finland India Business Opportunities’ Ahmedabad Management Association 4 November 2019
  4. ISABS 2019 ABS Summit Paper ‘Horizons of Hope and Depths of Despair’ 8 November 2019
  5. Springer Book Launch at India International Centre New Delhi ‘Finland India Business Opportunities: Connecting the Swan and the Elephant’ 8 November 2019
  6. Aastha Conference Pravah 2019 Bengaluru ‘The Discovery of The Harmony Sensing Matrix’ 16 November 2019
  7. Indian Society for Labor Economics National Conference Punjabi University Patiala 6-8 December 2019, ‘Women Artisans in Rural Labour Markets of Gujarat’
  8. EIBA Conference at Leeds University UK 12-15 December 2019
  9. Aalto University Research Seminar 7 January 2020 on Finland India Economic Relations
  10. Competition Commission of India Conference 6 March 2020.
Dr. Ajeet Mathur