Dr. Ajeet Mathur

Research Interests

  • Civilizational discontents and maladaptations in socio-technical systems
  • Healthcare, Wealthcare and Stealthcare: Learning from trauma with psychodynamic understanding for personal, organisational and national renewal
  • Educational Curriculum Design invoking criteria based on ‘What Knowledge is of Most Worth?’
  • Policy Research in four fields:  education, labour, water, international business 
  • Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Cultural Expressions (Folklore)
  • Aesthetic states of ‘rasas’ and emotional underworlds
  • Missing markets where there is a double failure (market failure and government failure)
  • Wicked problems of true uncertainty
  • Organisational toxicity and its spillovers
  • Country risk and Political Risk assessments
  • Strategic management of intellectual and social capital and organisational knowing
  • Selecting persons suitable for entrepreneurship
Dr. Ajeet Mathur