Dr. Ajeet Mathur

My thoughts...

My thoughts... as we ring in the New Year 2022

  • What all should I be saying Goodbye to in ringing out 2021?
  • What new hopes shall I nurture for 2022?
  • The world is in an unprecedented flux.  Is planning now futile?
  • Commitments must be made, promises kept, injustices fought, the needy helped, family and friends cherished, communities strengthened, traumas healed, and a certain amount of evil tolerated until it becomes possible to confront it, eliminate it, mitigate it
  • What can be done about the assaults on dignity, privacy and humanity of persons like you and me from the growing surveillance by governments abusing stealthpower, artificial juridical persons with wealthpower now more powerful than natural persons ?
  • I seem to have more questions than answers.
  • What truths and facts as we know them until now will be found to be mere myths in 2022?
Dr. Ajeet Mathur